Sunday, June 3, 2012

for today...

outside my window... 51F and scattered thunderstorms
i am thinking... it's just been too dang long since my last blog post... my self-imposed austerity unfortunately didn't allow for the purchase of a back-up laptop
i am thankful for... Computer Repair & my bff Amanda for she was thankfully online and happy to hang out with me last night, and we were able to catch up after my 6 month hiatus from the internet 
i am wearing... denim jeans, long-sleeved fleece top, a lovely 100% cotton Eddie Bauer sweater purchased at the local Thrift Shop for $1 & Birkenstock sandals
i am going... to my Gmail Inbox to start deleting email from December on *sigh*
i am currently reading... "The Great Divergence," America's growing inequality, and what we can do about it, by Timothy Noah
i am hoping... to scrap as many pages as my creativity will allow
on my mind... gas @ $3.69/gallon... milk @ $3.79/gallon... sugar @ $3.59/4 lb
pondering these words... At this point the entire advanced world is doing exactly what basic macroeconomics says it shouldn’t be doing: slashing spending in the face of high unemployment, slow growth, and a liquidity trap. It’s a global 1937. And if the result is another recession, the witch-doctors will just demand more bleeding," Paul Krugman
from the kitchen... french toast drizzled with local maple syrup and crispy hickory smoked bacon for breakfast
around the house... as I just found penicillin growing in the Dannon Yogurt container, I do believe it's time to clean out the refrigerator, ya think?
one of my favorite things... the wild daisies that now line the road as far as the eye can see
i'm creating... a June blog header, and a DigiDare
a few plans for the weekend... laundry & yardwork, in between rain showers 
from my lens:

December 2011

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Amandac said...

Glad to see you back online my friend - its been awful without you. Always happy to hang out with my bff xx