Saturday, March 22, 2008

number crunch

Number Crunch challenge from Elemental Scraps: multidesigner, clean, journaling a "letter." Create a clean, minimal style layout, using no more than 2 items from the same designer (this not only was a challenge, it was a major headache lol)

~ credits ~

1 photo matte ~ bracket, Julie Billingsley ~ notepaper, Lauren Greier

2 staples ~ ksharonk

3 pictures

4 stitches ~ 2 yellow, Situ ~ 2 butterfly, Karen Perrien

5 random elements ~ 1 bleach splat, Brittish Designs ~ 2 glue blobs, Flergs ~ 2 smiley tapes, Barb Derksen

6 flowers ~ 1 chubby checker bud, and 1 tiny flower, Gina Miller ~ 1 yellow blossom, Pineapple Plantation ~ 1 Grandma's pressed flower, weedsNwildflowers ~ 2 floral brushes, Tracy Ann Robinson

7 papers ~ 1 background, Michele Coleman ~ 2 EHI kitchen towels, Scrap Girls ~ 2 bandana brights, Brenda's creations ~ 2 stripping papers, Shabby Miss Jen

8 buttons ~ 2 blue flowers, Shel CMP ~ 2 round blue, GothicChic ~ 2 round blue, Shabby Princess ~ 1 yellow celestial, Calico Design ~ 1 yellow glue glob, Heavenly Scraps

9 gems/sequins ~ 2 blue sequins, Cheryl Embry ~ 2 flower gems, Brittish Designs ~ 2 jewel accents, Melissa/Scrappy Expressions ~ 1 floral gem, Michele Coleman ~ 2 opalescent beads, Anna Benjamin/Paper Moons

whew, that's all folks!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


this challenge from NDIS was to scrap your most memorable vacation, and that would have to be my first trip to Key West! while living in Daytona Beach, we would pack a bag and jump in the car and head to the keys for a long weekend, because it was an afternoon's drive away... what made that first trip one of my best vacations, was our underestimating the length of the drive to that southernmost part of the US, and after leaving Miami Beach, we would look @ each road sign, and ask, "Are We There Yet?" all the while singing this silly little chorus, "sign sign, everywhere a sign" lol ...thus began my lifelong fascination with road signs!

~ credits ~
Scenic Route ~ Amanda Rockwell
ClusterFrame ~ Nancy Comelab
font ~ 2peas Rock Star
sign sign lyric ~ Five Man Electrical Band

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

taxes (furthest from my mind)

Spin & Lift ADSR challenge from The Sweet Shoppe: I lifted my partner's (Chris) layout, "Closest To My Heart, which is all purple and pretty, uplifting and neat, then put my spin on it, which resulted in, "Furthest From My Mind," which is gloomy and doomy, and messy cuz I hate figuring out taxes and put it off as long as possible!
~ credits ~
paper ~ Christina Renee
red rubberband ~ Amanda Kay
alpha ~ Melgen Design
fonts ~ 2peas Gone Postal & CK Tailor Sloppy
calendar stamp ~ Cindy Irvine
calendar brush ring ~ EvaReK
notepaper ~ Melissa, Scrappy Expressions
mail & tape ~ my personal stash
stacked papers photo & IRS forms ~ courtesy www

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

~ credits ~
Spring Essence ~ Tracy Ann Robinson
photos ~ courtesy, theGardenHelper & Flickr

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Got Milk?

the bonus ADSR challenge from DragonFlaire Studios was to create a layout based on something that is part of your daily rountine... well, Dudie (The MilkDude) seems to magically appear first thing in the morning, with the same greeting, Got Milk? lol
~ credits ~
paper, frame, stitching & ribbon ~ Christina Renee
anticipation wordart ~ Kait Gonzalez @ SBG
Got Milk font ~ cgPhenixAmerican

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interview: Pink Flamingos

challenge #5 @ Digitals ~ Interview an inanimate object, with at least 4 questions and answers

I was totally devasted when I first read that my beloved pink flamingos, first created by Don Featherstone, were no longer going to be produced by Union Products, Inc and that they did indeed shutter their doors, but then rejoiced when I read an article in USA Today that they were once again to be manufactured by HMC International and sold all across the world! YAY

so, of course, with Spring just a scant few weeks away, I decided to dust off the box, and set them up for an official interview... just for this challenge lol

~ credits ~
Rock On paper ~ Vicki Stegall
Color Me Solid Black paper ~ Michelle Coleman
tampons ~ [v.vv designs]
font ~ LD TypeSet

Monday, March 10, 2008

I hear Lawrence Welk in the background...

and a one and a two, and a three, and a four

challenge #3 was from Digital Scrapbook Memories ~ make a page about yourself, and fill at least half of the page with journaling

~ credits ~
notebook paper ~ ksharonk
Celebrate Winter ~ Nancie Rowe Janitz
font ~ fely

challenge #4 was from Oscraps ~ Spill It, and the layout recipe: use one large photo, some blending, and 'spill it' journaling

~ credits ~
LO holder ~ Lori Wiley
just typed paper ~ Kristy Ann Designs
font ~ 1942 report

the next stop for challenge #5 is @ Digitals and features an interview with an inanimate object... now get your mind out of the gutter lol

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tickled Pink

a little drumroll, please... presenting, "Tickled Pink" (Challenge #2, hosted by The DigiChick) a team effort by Simply Pink! (although due to ISP and dial-up issues, it was more like Simply Red for a few days!)

I just love Chris' appreciation of everything 'vintage' and she did an outstanding job sourcing the vintage 'racing' photos, and a pink feather... the perfect touch (thanks partner)

there is a "surprise" Bonus Challenge @ DragonFlaire Studios, and Challenge #3 has just been posted @ Digital Scrapbook Memories... keep the engines revving lol

~ credits ~
Krafty Pink ~ ksharonk designs
clusterframe ~ nancy comelab

Saturday, March 1, 2008

make your own tracks...

Challenge #1 from Digital Scrapbooking Classes is the first stop in The Amazing Digiscrapping Race, and the challenge is to use the provided template, and a few of your favorite things, such as the photos, your color, and an element (3 times), so, my favorite photos are of my cool cat, Dudie, my favorite color (changes with the season) is Winter White, and my favorite element, that I used 3 times, are these really kewl snowball hanging thingies... and with that all said lol... here's Hey Dude, making his own tracks... in what I'm sure he considers way too much snow!

~ credits ~
template ~ Christy Haig
paper and cardboard frame ~ Jessica Bolton
snowy overlay and fir branch ~ Wildflower Holiday
stamp frames ~ Natali Bird
ribbon and staple ~ Christina Renee
tag ~ Cindy Irvine
snowball ribbon ~ Sliva @ ScrapLadies
font ~ magneto