Friday, March 27, 2009

little dreamer

March Scraplift Challenge @ PBP

here's the link to the page I lifted:;ppuser=1738
I tried to create the same "look" with the moon and stars as is on the cat and paws from the original page, but um... I think the paper needed more texture, anywhooooo I gave it a go lol

~ credits ~
Twinkle Little Star ~ Joanne Bain
paper ~ cre©bisontine
moon/stars ~ Creation 23
postage frames ~ Lindsey Jane
cloud ~ Birgit Kerr
in stitches ~ Digital Fingers

and I even managed to get my bee foto posted in time for the March Photo Challenge @ PBP
YAY lol

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

what if

DigiDare #125
credits can be found here

Sunday, March 22, 2009

brushfire OMG

while browsing the forum @ DSA, I saw this recipe challenge @ My Life & Scrap, and thought, oh what the heck, I need to get my scrappin' butt in gear lol (it also has a nice posting bonus)

[recipe: 2 photos, 3 different frames, green, something round, and #'s used in title/journaling]

credits are here

zoom zoom zoom

Hodge Podge: scrap "a first"

oh how I luv'd my lil' RED mazda RX7! and just perfect to use for this First Car page, huh?
my RX7 was the first cool car I ever had, I cried my eyes out the day I sold it, and I sure wish I could take it for a spin right now lol (and mazda's Zoom Zoom Zoom commercials are cool too)

credits are here

Saturday, March 21, 2009

hot cross buns

well, I was too busy baking, eating, and drinking green beer to get this done and posted for St. Patty's Day lol (but at least I did get the page done in time for Field Trip Friday @ WST)

and if anyone wants the recipe, just holler (they are SO dang delish)

credits are here

Monday, March 16, 2009

colored tab frames

I used these colored tab frames (in green) for my March fotos, to celebrate St. Patty's Day and Spring Green... just click on the preview and go get'em, they're FREE!

project 365 ~ 3/1-14

Donut Day! am not sure who likes'em more, Barb or my Mom lol
the one thing I do know is, they don't last long!

the storm cellar doors (wow, they seriously need a new paint job)

ah, the Tractor Supply store... filled to the brim with birdseed, dog and cat food etc
(great sign too lol)

YAY the robins are back!!!
this lil' guy was perched way up on the maple tree and I definitely needed the zoom for this shot

yep, I still go down and check on my duckies, and they still enjoy their treats!

Laundry Day!

this isn't such a great photo of our Sunday Dinner ham, but Mom was too hungry to wait for me to play around with my camera, she wanted to eat dangnabbit lol

get up close and personal (the foto challenge @ PBP)

now, if I can just get my butt over there and post the photo *sigh*

Snail Mail!

ah, the Red-Winged Blackbirds are back!
am now anxiously awaiting the robins, a sure sign of Spring!

the recycling center... boring, yes!
but, for every can returned, you get 5 cents,
and I walked out with $19.80 today YAY

I don't mind grocery shopping, but... um, I dread unpacking everything and putting it all away

yep, if it's Monday... it's Laundry Day!

Dudie goes out with me every morning for firewood!

Friday, March 6, 2009

so you think you can scrap?

woohoo... a NEW scrapping contest!

I sure hope my scrappin'buddies are reading this:
Rya??? Amanda, Carol, Chris??? lol

simply click on the image to link over to the SUTUCS blog!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

project 365 ~ 2/15-28


found the glazed doughnut recipe from Dunkin Donuts in the Secret Recipes Revealed cookbook, so I just had to try them today, and yep, they're yummy!


Mom gets a much-needed trim from Valerie (Barb's daughter)


yawn, stretch... my chipmunk wakes up from his long winter's nap
(I never knew chipmunks hibernated)


the Dude, ever watchful


Happy Paczki Day, or Fat Tuesday, celebrated with traditional homemade paczki's (yummy jelly doughnuts)


if it's Monday, it's Laundry Day!


here's Maybelline, chasing her shadow lol


oh, I so hope this is the last foto of my snow-covered lawn this year!


weird weather... sun, storm clouds and veryyyy cccccold!


it was SO COLD, there were icicles on the bluebird house!


big, wet, sticky snowflakes: Sweet Pea hates'em!


big, wet, sticky snowflakes: Fritz luvs'em!


assembly required!
Fritz broke the Laundry Sorter, so I ordered a new one, that is hopefully "Fritz-Proof" lol


Donut Day (a fresh batch of homemade frycakes) YUM!