Wednesday, January 30, 2008

fawn yawn

this week's DigiDare challenge was double trouble... duplicate everything, and a two-word title!
~ credits ~
papers & clouds ~ Sleep Tight by Amy Teets
skinny ribbon ~ Christina Renee
aqua embroidered alpha ~ Traci Sims
embroidered star and celestial button ~ Calico Designs
wavy pixie stitches ~ Wendy Page
photo ~ courtesy My Inbox

Thursday, January 24, 2008

black white and read

this week's DigiDare was to scrap a funny story, use polka dots, and frame the photo

okay, well... I'm always saying that my critters are "smarter than their own fur." And, because I truly believe that, here's proof LOL... my kitty and bunny CAN READ haha (at least they read the pillow on their favorite chair cuz they always hung out there together, and were best friends!

~ credits ~

Black White and Read kit ~ Anna Benjamin, Paper Moons

Torn Curled Border ~ Jen Caputo

Paper Frame ~ Gina Miller

Black Glitter Alpha ~ New Lifes Dreams

Font ~ SP Purkage

oh btw, my LO of Fritz won the DigiDarer's Choice last week... pretty kewl, huh?

Monday, January 14, 2008

best friend

yep, I'm back again with this week's DigiDare *wink*

scrap a favorite photo, with a BIG one-word title, and a make-it-yourself cluster.... the photo choice was easy cuz my bestest buddy of 12 years isn't camera-shy lol

~ credits ~

papers, dogbone & stickpin, paperfold ~ HollyMcCaig

star ~ Kristy Ann Designs

pawprint ~ Princess Lala

frame ~ Sunscrap (recolored)

stitches ~ Manu & All For Love Designs

rubberband ~ Amanda Kay

white foam alpha ~ Becky Kress (recolored)

embossed alpha ~ Fraisinette

Sunday, January 6, 2008

savin' my pennies

okiedokie, so I'm one of those digiscrappers that needs incentive to scrap lol ~ soooooo here's my first DigiDare, and hopefully it'll get my scrappin-butt into gear!

~ credits ~

stamped alpha ~ Katie Pertiet

papers & bow ~ Brenda Johnson

Kirstie's sparklies ~ Alice Koh Designs

price tag ~ August Designs

piggy bank food ~ entropia

fonts ~ Poor Richard & pixelicious

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

~ credits ~
paper ~ Nancy Comelab, Sugar Plums
frame ~ Sunscrap (recolored)
velvet ribbon ~ Nathy Geuens
cardboard alpha ~ Monika69
foil flakes ~ Rachel Young
skinny ribbon ~ Christina Renee
Happy New Year ~ CatScrap
photo ~ my kitty, The MilkDude