Sunday, January 11, 2009

project 365 ~ week 2


here's everyone in the "new" dining room, after having moved the furniture around all day, we sat down and inhaled a huge dinner of BBQ ribs, followed by lotsa christmas cookies


Matthew & Brian @ the keyboard... Heart & Soul, the only song they can play together lol


oh Venus! Brian, the stargazer!


Aunt Deb, and the boys!


another Winter Storm *sigh*


the hungry ducks, waddled over to me faster than I could get to them today! they can move alot faster in the snow than I can lol


the good ol' duck boots, don't know how I'd get around without'em, and to think I paid 25 cents for them @ a yard sale...worth every penny!


Amandac said...

omg Deb these photos are fantastic - I love those ducks to bits and such a great photo of your place with the snow!! Great photo of you and your nephews too hun! Love them all! And congrats on posting week 2!

Carol said...

What absolutely fabulous photographs, I loved seeing them, especially being able to see you!! As for the house and the snow, wow! I'm thinking it looks magical, you're probably thinking it's a pain in the neck.

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