Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

this lovely recipe arrived in the mail, and I wanted to share it with all of you!
~ credits ~
Firefly Creations, stationery
Marjolein Bastien, graphics

Happy New Year!

okiedokie, now that I have the pleasantries overwith lol... on to business!
without naming names, it's been posted that I'm the worst blogger lol
sooooooooo, my New Year's Resolution is to be a better blogger to all my BFF's
(that would be you, all my Best Bloggy Friends) and I'm gonna start the New Year off with blogging and photos and the mundane stuff in my life haha (see what calling me names will get'ya)

project 365 ~ week 1

am joining the Project 365 bandwagon, and I just hope I can keep up with it til December 31st ~ if I keep the photos to a standard size with no-frills, I may just be able to accomplish this (crossing my fingers and toes, and eyes etc lol) and decided to start the week with Sunday, so this posting will only have 4 photos (but hey, that's 4 more than'ya ever got before lol)


New Year's Day dinner with all the fixins, including the proper NY attire of hats and leis and blowers and ringers etc provided by me and worn by my sister, Cathy, her hubby, Bill, and their two boys, Matthew and Brian, my Mom has a permanent seat at the end of the table every night lol

They all arrived Jan 1st for a 5-day holiday to visit my Mom (am not quite sure who enjoyed it the most, but am thinking my Fritz did lol cuz they also brought their dog, Libby)


feeding the poor abandoned ducks down the road has become a daily ritual for me, but it's one I so totally enjoy as much as they do! I give'em a quack quack quack and they come running as fast as their 2 lil' legs will carry them lol to feast on cracked corn and turkey feed, but they just love their bread treats the best!


ahhhhh... Wood Delivery (now I wonder how the woodsman knew I had helpers to stack a heap of firewood lol) thanks Matthew, thanks Brian!!!


Dudie and his breakfast, one slice of bacon every morning (okay, maybe 2 slices, if I'm feeling generous, and he's been a good boy!)

and yep, I redid the whole bloggy LO etc, and can't read a thing ROFL but have no fear, as I've resolved to be a better blogger, I promised myself to update the blog LO each month too!

wishing you all a Wonderful Day!
hugs, deb :o-)

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Amandac said...

yay hun - your blog looks great and the photos look great too! Hmm I might have to take back the worst blogger comment ROFL!