Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boldly Going Nowhere

ADSR Challenge 2_Cabin Fever, number crunch, hosted by Elemental Scraps
this was the first intersection of the race, and I had so much fun working on this page with Amanda... we stopped and started, and laughed, and frowned, and literally were boldly going nowhere LOL then it all just came together with a great big woohoo!!! thanks for all your hard work gf, am just luv'n the LO!
2 down, 10 to go ROFL
~ credits ~
3 photos
Amanda, on the beach
Deb, in the snow
and Dudie, the Snow Dude
4 papers
D Vanderstoep ~ Artemia Collab – Paper * 2
AH ~ Artemia Collab – papers * 2

8 elements
2 * Juno ~ Winter Whites – Glitter snowflakes
2 ~ Emily Powers – Acrylic speech bubbles
Holly Designs ~ Artemia - Friends string and bead element
Syrin ~ New beginnings – Stitching
Tara Dunstan Designs ~ Cloud - Funky nature kit
D Vanderstoep ~ Acrylic rain drops

2 Fonts
Problem Secretary
Pea Karynsig

Template ~ Michelle Filo - LDD


Amandac said...

It was fun working with you hun! We did damn good!

Carol said...

So looking forward to following you and Amanda on the race this year. What a formidable team.