Saturday, April 26, 2008

dangnabbit... I've been tagged!

my BFF Amanda (bloggy friend forever) tagged me a few days ago... and um, since I've never been tagged before (well, not in the cyberworld anyhoo lol, but 'cause she's been my ScrapBud since the ADSR2 last year, I'll give it my best shot), without further adieu (or procrastination) here we go!

What food do you consider the best "date" food? In other words what meal or food item do you think is sexiest to eat in the company of someone you would like to look sexy around?

a popsicle, on a sultry summer day!
an icicle, on a snowy winter's day!

What well-known person would you like to share a meal with—with or without clothing. (saying whether or not clothes are involved is optional).

Dwight Yoakam, with or without the jeans, boots, or cowboy hat!!! YeeHaw

What does your perfect breakfast-in-bed look like? (Food AND the details, please. Candles? Music? Flowers? Hot tub? Dancing girls?

room service @ the Four Season Hotel *wink*

What do you consider the best application of whipped cream to be?

on a strawberry shortcake, whenever/wherever (preferrably with Dwight, of course)!

Oh-God-No, Biff, the yacht is sinking! You are sent to the galley to retrieve the food. What luxury food items do you snatch first? The champagne? The caviar? Smoked Salmon? Truffles? Chocolate? Or something else?

don't know about food, I'm definitely snagging the edible undies (cuz they would so totally dissolve in the water if we sunk) lol

okiedokie, Amanda - I'm officially tagged! Hmmm, let's see... who to tag back? It's gotta be my BFF & ScrapBud from ADSR3, Chris! (don't hate me for too long gf lol)


Carol said...

Te he, you're a crack up too. Love reading people's answers to memes.

Amandac said...

Yay! She did it! I'm proud of you gf! poor Chris though hahahahaha!

Will have to google Dwight now as I have NO idea LOL