Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blue Ribbon

the last challenge from CG Essentials was an Intersection: I needed to supply a photo and journaling, and my partner, and friend, Chris... had to do all the really hard work and finish off the layout... which IMHO she pulled off magnificently... hip hip hooray!

Chris, in her own words, from the NDIS gallery:
This was really tough - I struggle figuring out what to do with my own photos but I was petrified scrapping someone else's. I'll understand totally if you hate it Vix!

I hunted high and low for elderberry berries and flowers, preserve jars, a blue ribbon and a county fair banner to adorn this page in honour of Vix's winning entry. And Anna's blue gingham seemed the only proper setting.

Blue gingham from Prince of Funk by Anna Benjamin
Scallopea Border by Lie Fhung

Vix's journalling reads: After years of canning all my favorite fruits and vegetables and giving away jars filled with yummy deliciousness, my friends urged me into entering their favorite, Elderberry Flower Syrup, into the county fair, and lo and behold, sitting amongst all of the entries, was my jar of syrup with the prettiest blue ribbon attached to it! It still, to this day makes me smile, and remains one of my best personal achievements!

and with that... another year of Racing comes to an end... but, hey... what a way to go (no one else has a Blue Ribbon lol) thanks NDIS, and most of all... to you, Chris (for putting up with me)

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