Thursday, March 20, 2008


this challenge from NDIS was to scrap your most memorable vacation, and that would have to be my first trip to Key West! while living in Daytona Beach, we would pack a bag and jump in the car and head to the keys for a long weekend, because it was an afternoon's drive away... what made that first trip one of my best vacations, was our underestimating the length of the drive to that southernmost part of the US, and after leaving Miami Beach, we would look @ each road sign, and ask, "Are We There Yet?" all the while singing this silly little chorus, "sign sign, everywhere a sign" lol ...thus began my lifelong fascination with road signs!

~ credits ~
Scenic Route ~ Amanda Rockwell
ClusterFrame ~ Nancy Comelab
font ~ 2peas Rock Star
sign sign lyric ~ Five Man Electrical Band

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