Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interview: Pink Flamingos

challenge #5 @ Digitals ~ Interview an inanimate object, with at least 4 questions and answers

I was totally devasted when I first read that my beloved pink flamingos, first created by Don Featherstone, were no longer going to be produced by Union Products, Inc and that they did indeed shutter their doors, but then rejoiced when I read an article in USA Today that they were once again to be manufactured by HMC International and sold all across the world! YAY

so, of course, with Spring just a scant few weeks away, I decided to dust off the box, and set them up for an official interview... just for this challenge lol

~ credits ~
Rock On paper ~ Vicki Stegall
Color Me Solid Black paper ~ Michelle Coleman
tampons ~ [v.vv designs]
font ~ LD TypeSet

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