Saturday, March 1, 2008

make your own tracks...

Challenge #1 from Digital Scrapbooking Classes is the first stop in The Amazing Digiscrapping Race, and the challenge is to use the provided template, and a few of your favorite things, such as the photos, your color, and an element (3 times), so, my favorite photos are of my cool cat, Dudie, my favorite color (changes with the season) is Winter White, and my favorite element, that I used 3 times, are these really kewl snowball hanging thingies... and with that all said lol... here's Hey Dude, making his own tracks... in what I'm sure he considers way too much snow!

~ credits ~
template ~ Christy Haig
paper and cardboard frame ~ Jessica Bolton
snowy overlay and fir branch ~ Wildflower Holiday
stamp frames ~ Natali Bird
ribbon and staple ~ Christina Renee
tag ~ Cindy Irvine
snowball ribbon ~ Sliva @ ScrapLadies
font ~ magneto

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