Sunday, July 22, 2012

for today...

outside my window... right now it's 61F & cloudy;  forecast for tomorrow 83F & sunny, with an afternoon thunderstorm
i am thinking... I need to find a new chiropractor
i am thankful for... cheeseburgers, even if I'm not in paradise
i am wearing... shorts, Tshirt with a cover-up (cuz it's chilly) and Otofuku's
i am going... to visit the local Thrift Store to see what new/old things I just can't live without lol
i am currently reading... "Currency Wars," by James Rickards
i am hoping... to complete the 3 remaining TLP challenges for July
on my mind... gas @ $3.42/gallon, milk @ $3.57/gallon, sugar @ $2.99/5 lb (on sale this week)
pondering these words... “do what you feel in your heart to be right,
for you'll be criticized anyway," -Eleanor Roosevelt-
from the kitchen... garden fresh cucumbers, yellow squash & zucchini!
around the house... black-eyed susans in a Ball Jar
sitting pretty on the kitchen table
one of my favorite things... cucumber sandwiches,
with Hellman's mayo (and yes, it has to be Hellman's) & fresh dill
i'm creating... CT pages
a few plans for the weekend... finally got the yard trimmed today, am gonna be cookin' & bakin' all day tomorrow

from my lens:
these two guys really do like each other, or maybe they just tolerate
each other I guess, it's a Mexican Standoff, who is going to move first?
it's so funny to watch them just sit there and wait it out lol
clipping mask, niniscraps
font, KG skinny latte

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