Tuesday, March 29, 2011

for today...

outside my window... it's the break of dawn and 22F (still 20 degrees below normal temperatures)
i am thinking... the robins can't get worms through the snow
i am thankful for...sunshine!
i am wearing... my thermal pj's (hey, it's only 6:45am)
i am going... to make rice pudding
i am currently reading... Soup, A Way Of Life by Barbara Kafka
i am hoping... to edit photos this afternoon
on my mind... annoyed that it's forecasted to snow this weekend, again
pondering these words... "kindness is like water, we all need it to survive," which I read on the Kind Over Matter blog, sharing a Kind Kindred post by Michelle Nickolaisen
from the kitchen... no sugar for my coffee *sigh*
around the house... 3 light bulbs need to be replaced
one of my favorite things... fleece hoodies
i'm creating... this week's DigiDare Team submission, due by Thursday
a few plans for the week... a new ADSR challenge will be posted today, grocery shopping, and a visit with my Mom on Thursday and Friday
from my lens:

view from the roof, the day I needed to remove snow from the HughesNet satellite dish (look closely and you will see the little path my feet made) now if I can get someone to lift that 50# flagpole so that I can remove that poor ol'flag *sigh*

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