Wednesday, March 10, 2010

let there be light

HodgePodge: All About Me_crazy town prompt

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Serendipity ~ fei fei/joyce paul collaboration
template ~ ScrapMatters


Carol said...

You honestly do such thought provoking pieces Deb. And who knows what the future will bring regarding light bulbs, ours already look different down here with the new energy saving ones. So you've created a piece that will be historically interesting in years to come. Plus shows you're getting ready for the great light bulb shortage!

Amandac said...

ROFL you have a light bulb fetish gf?? I seriously learn something new about you every day! You and Tony are a pair you know - every time we go shopping he buys light bulbs and batteries hahahah - just in case!

As always my friend - fabulous page!