Friday, June 12, 2009

urban sprinklers

HodgePodge_Summer Memories

~ journaling ~
summer in the city, street after street of rowhouses, temperatures of 100 degrees, cement sidewalks so hot you could fry an egg on them, literally... we had a playground, but no public swimming pool, sprinklers consisted of a hose with holes punched in it... on some of these sweltering afternoons, the fire hydrant would mysteriously be turned on to the squeals of delight from all of the kids in the neighborhood... by the time the fire department arrived to turn it off (usually a few hours later) we were all completely exhausted, and very happy! Great Summer Memories!

~ credits ~
papers ~ forecast and picnic kits @ WST
doodled border ~ Carolina Pessoa
clouds ~ kasia
water drops and puddles ~ jofia
ribbon ~ C Mondini
stitches and glow ~ kafrounette
birds ~ Jennifer Fox
DigiChick template
font ~ 39 smooth

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