Wednesday, June 24, 2009


DigiDare 138

Life has its ups and downs, the happy moments, but also the sad ones. The ecstatic highs, and the painful lows. My dare this week is to scrap about those lows (emotional or physical pain).
Yes, you can do it. Think about what happened, how was your reaction to it and how did it affect you? Did it make you stronger or are you still coping with it.

-You can use a picture, or not. Use a stockphoto or something that symbolizes that pain.
-I want you to use your blending techniques. The papers, the elements, the picture, just blend something.
-Use the color that you associate with that pain.

~ credits ~

orange paper and tape ~ Amanda Taylor

black paper ~ Flergs

frame ~ Andrea Rusky

font ~ incognitype

images, courtesy www

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