Thursday, June 26, 2008

the little blue pool

DigiDare #93 ~ fondest childhood memory of summertime
Dare Flair ~ at least one photo, doodling, stitching
I honestly don't remember a summer as a kid without the little blue pool, which had yellow seats and yellow fish on the bottom, and I can't believe I found these photos of me and my sister LOL
~ credits ~
I Sea ~ Amanda Heimann & Eva Kipler
frames ~ ksharonk
alpha ~ Bren Boone
font ~ SS Whimsy


Carol said...

Oh I looooooove the waves you've got there, I'm looking for waves for a layout I have in mind and they are mega cute. What store are they from?

I remember little pools like that! Come to think of it, my dog has one now, ROFLMAO! We used to love running through the sprinkler as little tackers. Sweet memories.

Amandac said...

Oh this is jut super cute Deb! What fabulous photos to have of you and your sister! Love your page my friend!!!!