Thursday, June 19, 2008

cool pool

my Fritz in his Cool Pool (shhh don't tell him it's a kiddy pool lol) just would not pose for a photo as he was totally distracted by something, so I decided his attention was fixed on butterflies!

(this page was made for the Color Challenge @ Live Out Loud Scraps)

~ credits ~
single/swarm butterflies ~ Anna Benjamin @ SBG
Leap of Faith ~ charity kit to benefit Mercy Corps @ Songbird Avenue
font ~ pupcat

Leap of Faith ~ available @ Songbird Avenue thru June

single/swarm butterflies ~ available @ StudioAnna/SBG


Michelle said...

That's some really good enabling! LOL! Thank you so much for your support of Songbird Avenue!!!

Carol said...

Wow. Can I even think of a more descriptive word, I'm sure I start all my comments on your blog with wow?!!! Fritz is gorgeous, and I just wish I could get Molly into her pool but she doesn't like getting her dainty little botty wet. (rolling eyes)