Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rhinestone Cowboy

this layout requires one word only... YEEHAW!
99% of all my friends luv rockNroll, and I do too, but... um, I have always had a secret crush on Dwight Yoakam, so he was a no-brainer for this week's DigiDare! And, I was thrilled to use a new kit of Anna's too!

DigiDare #85
Secrets, we all have them. I am particularly inspired by the art pieces that are submitted to post secret (warning..some of the images/content can be graphic) lately myself. Soooo your dare is to pick a secret (or fact) about yourself or someone close to you that you want to remember and turn it into an art piece! Scrap your secret (or fact) in an unusual manner that makes your whole layout define your secret in a fun way!

~ credits ~
Little Blue House Collection (The Studio) ~ Anna Benjamin, coming soon @ SBG
Diamond Overlay ~ Floeckchen78
Fonts ~ Cowgirl, Saloon & Honey Pye

1 comment:

Amandac said...

So this is the oh so hunky Dwight? LOL great page gf!