Friday, February 17, 2017

for today...

outside my window... 15F *brrrr*
i am thinking... it's great to be online again, catching up with my bff Amanda in Australia,
and happily updating my Dear Bloggy!
i am thankful for... a new HP all-in-one PC, and a cellphone... although there is still no cellphone service
here in the middle of nowhere *sigh*
i am wearing... black jeans, thermal shirt, fleece pullover, and mukluks
i am going... to the Agway for birdseed and suet cakes 
i am currently reading... recently delivered seed catalogs *anxiously awaiting spring*
i am hoping... for a warm weekend, to sweep the porches & clean up fallen tree limbs
on my mind... gas @ $2.54/gallon, milk @ $2.45/gallon, sugar @ $1.99/4 lb
pondering these words... "when you discover that all happiness is inside you, the wanting and needing are over" ~ Byron Katie ~
from the kitchen... chicken curry, basmati rice, with my homemade Major Grey's Chutney *sweet & spicy*
around the house... down blankets, and bearpaw boots
one of my favorite things... watching the deer frollick about on the hill, then wandering down to the creek for a drink 
i'm creating... One Little Words for 2016 and 2017 posted, a new blog header is finished, and thanks to Deviantart,
my facebook timeline cover has been updated!
a few plans for the week...  firewood delivery, and baked ziti is on the menu this weekend

from my lens:

* down the hill, into the pasture, heading toward the creek *

many thanks to Katie Pertiet @ Designer Digitals for the lovely frame :)

you can join the simple woman's daybook where every day is a blank page, and participate in creating a list of the simple things and everyday moments of our daily lives.

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