Friday, June 18, 2010

let your light shine

okay, I live in the mountains and there are no beaches and I know one person with a swimming pool so 99% of all the summer kits available are usually not very scrappable for me, but today I broke open the piggybank and bought this adorable mini kit by Jennifer Barrette (as we do have fireflies here) I luv the happy colors and the shabby chic feel to it, and it was 20% off lol I'll be sure to post a page here as soon as I get one done (I suppose since I finally, after a year, downloaded the pdf file for my camera and can get out of auto-mode) maybe I can get some firefly photos, that would be kewl!

oh, as a side note, I was thrilled this was a mini kit, don't know about you, but sometimes a page kit is right up my alley! there aren't 50 papers that I don't need and so many elements that rather than try and decide oh what will look best, I will simply pick out a button and a ribbon and call it quits lol

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