Tuesday, August 18, 2009

leap of faith

DigiDare 146_Leap of Faith

~ credits ~
Embrace Simplicity, Kasia
4 papers
1 tape
1 flower
1 bird
1 alpha
Sweet Blossoms, Kasia
1 beads
1 flowers and beads
3 Itty Bitty Stiches, Lauren Reid
1 grass stain, Janelle Gustafson
fonts, CK ali's hand, 1942 report
sketch by Bouille

it took a Leap Of Faith to make the move from city life to country life, leaving friends and family, and starting over in a new place, although sixteen years later, I have no regrets, and am completely satisfied with my simple life.

ETA: this page made it into GSO @ DST woohoo

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