Monday, May 11, 2009

project 365 ~ 4/6-5/2

122/365 a hungry Rose Breasted Grosbeak

121/365 my new pooter was delivered today YAY

120/365 maybelline out for a stroll

119/365 ah, the smell of freshly cut grass

118/365 Barb's new Ford Explorer

117/365 my lovely daffodils

116/365 an afternoon nap in the sun for Mom

115/365 a nice bath for Fritz today... Good Dog!

114/365 YAY my new burn barrel

113/365 North Fork Dam

112/365 spring pruning

111/365 the neighbors sowing seeds

110/365 kindling detail for Mom today

109/365 purple hyacinth

108/365 white hyacinths

107/365 Blade Repair

106/365 How Now Brown Cow?

105/365 Dude watching the world go by

104/365 time to gather the fallen tree limbs for kindling

103/365 Kitty Hugs!

102/365 Easter goodies for Barb and Gorden

101/365 Easter Cake

100/365 stuffing easter baskets with goodies

99/365 raindrops

98/365 coffee and cigars today lol

97/365 last snow day

96/365 first look @ the newborn kitties hidden in the closet


Amandac said...

Some truly gorgeous photos Deb! Loving the new kitties and the photos of your day to day life! You are doing great hun!!!

Carol said...

I do so love seeing your photographs and your part of the world.