Monday, March 16, 2009

project 365 ~ 3/1-14

Donut Day! am not sure who likes'em more, Barb or my Mom lol
the one thing I do know is, they don't last long!

the storm cellar doors (wow, they seriously need a new paint job)

ah, the Tractor Supply store... filled to the brim with birdseed, dog and cat food etc
(great sign too lol)

YAY the robins are back!!!
this lil' guy was perched way up on the maple tree and I definitely needed the zoom for this shot

yep, I still go down and check on my duckies, and they still enjoy their treats!

Laundry Day!

this isn't such a great photo of our Sunday Dinner ham, but Mom was too hungry to wait for me to play around with my camera, she wanted to eat dangnabbit lol

get up close and personal (the foto challenge @ PBP)

now, if I can just get my butt over there and post the photo *sigh*

Snail Mail!

ah, the Red-Winged Blackbirds are back!
am now anxiously awaiting the robins, a sure sign of Spring!

the recycling center... boring, yes!
but, for every can returned, you get 5 cents,
and I walked out with $19.80 today YAY

I don't mind grocery shopping, but... um, I dread unpacking everything and putting it all away

yep, if it's Monday... it's Laundry Day!

Dudie goes out with me every morning for firewood!

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Amandac said...

babe these photos are fantabulous! And I have to say the cellar doors look suitably scary ROFL! Now get you butt over to PBP and post your up close and personal photo asap - don't make me come over there!!!!