Sunday, February 1, 2009

project 365 ~ 1/19-2/1

whew! playin'a bit of catch-up here dangnabbit
I took all of my photos for the last 2 weeks, but didn't upload any of them until today
sooooooooo, ya get 2, 2, 2 weeks in 1 [post] lol


my BFF amanda sent me a postcard from her vacation in Currumbin on the Gold Coast of Australia, and I was so excited to get this little bit of summertime in my hands that I dropped it in the snow... so I took a picture of the irony of it all lol (thanks for my lovely postcard, and I did get the disc too gf) Big Hugs!!!


and then there were 3 (wiping tears away) I sure hope when I go back again the 4th duck is there (maybe she was just off wandering around, I dunno)


this photo probably means absolutely nothing to anyone but me lol
but, when you see buds on the maple tree....... aaaaaah, the smallest sign of Spring!


after many weeks of gray cloudy days, it sure was nice to look from my desk to a bright sunny day!


you know you're Really Rural when you can walk to the local Grange!


just too funny... a Sale @ the Dollar Store LOL


made a yummy batch of Creamy Rice Pudding for my Mom (cuz she luvs it, um... I do too lol)


coffee and the Sunday paper
a trip to the local Agway for birdseed, turkey feed and cracked corn for the ducks


my attempt at a maple twist danish, and the last doughnut (donuts don't last long around here)


this convoy of trucks stopped along the road and used ultrasound to determine the presence of oil and gas
it was very weird, and very loud!


lovely, old blue glasses from Barb... she is such a junker lol 5 for $1.25 and she stole'em I tell'ya!
oh I just LUV them (and she gets a batch of dougnuts)


whatta inauguration... have never seen this many people in my lifetime!
this is an awful photo, but it's the one I took today
it was SO cold I had to bring out the long fur coat to feed the ducks today!


Amandac said...

Wow oh wow oh wow - your photos are amazing hun! I'm so glad you got the postcard and I laughed so hard to see it there sticking out of the snow! I just showed Bella the pic of the piano and I said, "one day you might get to play for Deb on that piano", "Cool" she goes ROFL {big hugs}

Carol said...

Your snow pictures are absolutely amazing, and I've LOL'ed at dropping the sunny beach scene in the snow.